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Compassionate Psychotherapy to
Help You Find Peace and Happiness


Are you tired of having the same fights with your partner and not ever getting resolution or change? Are you feeling disconnected from your partner and wish you could regain the warmth and excitement that you once felt? I specialize in helping couples who are feeling disillusioned in their relationship, or feel disconnected from their partner and stuck in their patterns of conflict. As a Marriage and Family Therapist with 34 years’ experience and advanced specialized training in relationship therapy, it has been my honor to work with couples as well as individuals experiencing difficulties in their relationships.

About Debbie Plonkey

I practice Imago Relationship Therapy which helps couples as well as individuals learn how their past contributes to the difficulties they are experiencing now. Couples learn new ways of communicating to more effectively resolve conflict and connect with their partner. Individuals will better understand the history of their difficult emotions or strained relationships.

Are you tired of being unhappy in life? I’m here to help. Working with a supportive, compassionate therapist can help you feel more positive about resolving your problems. We all need help at times and you deserve to be happy!